Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome to my new blog:-)

Well I have finally taken the computer world by the horns and decided to start my own blog - shudder:-)
Keen to participate in various challenges on the internet but nowhere to showcase them, so a blog it is:-)
I have just started playing around with stamps.
I brought this gorgeous set of darkroom door butterfly stamps, and in my search of the internet to see what they stamped like (prior to purchasing) I found Inkurable Stampers. Keen to participate in their challenges I decided to give stamping a go.
I started out by making a gothic arch for their Gothic Arch challenge. Each fortnight a new theme is announced, the 1st theme for 2010 was butterflies (which by this time I had purchased) So I decided to make my first gothic arch titled Butterfly Boogie, That was fun:-)
Every piece has to contain at least 1 stamp, well that was easy to do - I had a tin full of them:-)
I enjoyed that so much I made a 2nd arch titled, Free to Soar.
Inkurable Stampers is also running a monthly theme, Januarys Theme is Paper Art Dolls. I couldnt NOT give that a go so I quickly whipped up a pussycat doll. I only had till the 6th of Feb so I had to work quickly. I didnt have a doll face stamp so I used a cat face stamp - hence she became the pussycat dolls:-)
Once Ive worked out how to add photos of these I shall upload some.
Im looking forward to the next challenge and enjoying the stamping/crafting.
Thanks for popping in
x Helen:-)

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